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That awkward age between birth and death

the new Roger McGough book has just arrived in the post, poetry heaven :D

Edited to say that this book is BRILLIANT!

Duffy's first official poem as laureate

Politics by Carol Ann Duffy

How it makes of your face a stone

that aches to weep, of your heart a fist,

clenched or thumping, sweating blood, of your tongue

an iron latch with no door. How it makes of your right hand

a gauntlet, a glove-puppet of the left, of your laugh

a dry leaf blowing in the wind, of your desert island discs

hiss hiss hiss, makes of the words on your lips dice

that can throw no six. How it takes the breath

away, the piss, makes of your kiss a dropped pound coin,

makes of your promises latin, gibberish, feedback, static,

of your hair a wig, of your gait a plankwalk. How it says this –

politics – to your education education education; shouts this –

Politics! – to your health and wealth; how it roars, to your

conscience moral compass truth, POLITICS POLITICS POLITICS.

SAHM v "working" mothers

There's a storm brewing.....


I don't get involved with this arguement, as I am both. I work from home, with children. Nobody seems to view me as a professional, yet I'm too busy to volunteer at school nowadays. Often dh has to attend school meetings as I have too many toddlers to be able to pay attention!

I wish we could all just get along.


Can someone please tell me WHY childminders have to do this damn form?

I have almost been in tears over it this afternoon.

It has great questions like this....

Consider how effectively you encourage children to:

 develop the habits and behaviour appropriate to good learners, their own needs and those of others

 join in, make friends, respect each other and take account of each others diverse needs and backgrounds

 respond to the expectations of others

 make choices and decisions.

Consider how you ensure children from different ethnic backgrounds, any children with learning difficulties and/or disabilities and those learning English as an additional language make a positive contribution.

Consider how you ensure that the environment and resources available are accessible to all children.

*bangs head against desk for the 100th time!*

BBC iplayer


Mindee has been awake since 3am so is now asleep here :) I have just watched the above whilst washing-up, love having a computer next to the sink :) I love Roger McGough, I love Poetry Please, is it wrong to think one day I will be able to listen to it undisturbed?

I passed!

I have been out for a meal with the tutors from my diploma course and a few of the other students. I got my assignments back, and I passed, I got all A's! I'm so pleased :)

Charity Shop Goodies

I picked this up, along with a pink version from the British Red Cross shop for £6 each! I am SO pleased with them. They are just gorgeous. The shop was also having a sale and we didn't realise until we went to pay that every item of clothing was £1, which as Liz had picked up armfulls, helped my purse a lot :) 13 new-to-us blouses/t-shirts/cardingans and jumpers for £13! Fabulous!

Ignore the date on the photo, my camera is so old and on it's last legs, my sister nearly wet herself laughing whilst using it on Friday!


Can I just say outloud here in live journal world that I am feeling rubbish.

I have been ok recently, quite chipper. Then I had to do the last question on assignment 2 of my course. It should have been one of the first questions I did in October, but I put it off because I knew it was going to upset me and it did. I had to write about a recent piece of research/legislation and the impact it has had, positive and negative. I wanted to find something light and fluffy :) Ha! As if. I ended up focussing on the Every Child Matters green paper.

I have avoided much of the coverage of Victoria Climbie and Baby P's deaths up, until this weekend. I am glad I did. Now I feel like someone has torn my heart out and spat it across the universe.

I don't get it.
I don't understand.
I feel empty and confused and wish I could just pour these thoughts and feelings away.

If I don't get an A in that assignment I will be cross.

First female Poet Laureate named

Carol Ann Duffy! YEAH!!! I am so chuffed about this :) It's made my day!

A Fine Defence of Enid Blyton


I know some of my lj friends are fans, so thought I'd mention it, just incase you missed it.