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Ok. I need somewhere to keep track of my shopping. I know this is very boring, so please feel free to leave, I won't be offended :) We need to seriously pull the reins in financially, but I don't have the time (60hr week, courses, family demands) to go to the market or Aldi/Lidl. So we have paid for a delivery deal with Tesco ( I know, booooo!) and I am trying their Everyday Value Range this week. I need to keep a note of what is palatable and what isn't so I remember to buy/not but it again. So here is this week's shopping list....

Fresh Fruit
Pears Min 5 x2
Eat Me Bananas Min 5
Everyday Value Lemons Min 3
Everyday Value Grapes 500G

Fresh Vegetables
Everyday Value Small Potatoes 1Kg
Everyday Value Cauliflower x2
Everyday Value Parsnips 750G
Everyday Value Closed Cup Mushrooms 350G

Salads & Dips
Everyday Value Peppers 900G

Everyday Value Fromage Frais 6X55g
Everyday Value Strawberry Yogurt Drink 8X100g

Fresh Meat
Everyday Value Beef Roasting Joint
Everyday Value Large Stewing Beef

Fresh Poultry
British Turkey Diced Thigh 500G

Fresh Pizza, Pasta & Garlic Bread
Everyday Value Spinach& Ricotta Tortelloni 400G

Crumpets, Muffins & Pancakes
Everyday Value Crumpets 6Pk

Tea Cakes, Fruit Loaves & Scones
Everyday Value 10 Sultana Scone

Cooking Sauces & Meal Kits
Everyday Value Naans 2 Pack x2
Everyday Value Sweet & Sour Sauce 440G x10

Condiments & Table Sauces
Everyday Value Apple Sauce 280G

Everyday Value Dried Mixed Fruit 500G
Everyday Value Plain Flour 1.5Kg

Everyday Value Biscuit Barrell 900G
Everyday Value Digestive Biscuits 400G
Everyday Value Stbread Fingers 125G

Crisps, Snacks & Nuts
Everyday Value Potato Rings Snacks 8 Pack
Everyday Value Prunes 250G

Everyday Value Milk Chocolate 100G x3
Everyday Value Assorted Chocolates & Toffees 750G

Everyday Value Ready To Serve Custard 385G x2

Frozen Meat & Poultry
Everyday Value Chicken Goujons & Pops 450G
Everyday Value Mince 950G

Chilled Fruit Juice & Smoothies
Everyday Value Apple Juice 1 Litre

Everyday Value Cistern Block Twin Pack

Toilet Roll, Kitchen Rolls & Tissues
Kleenex Plus Balsam Tissues 3Ply Regular Twinpack

Household Sundries
Everyday Value Pedal Bin Liners 100 Pack

I bought sweet & sour sauce and tissues in bulk because they were on offer. I won't be buying the chicken goujons again, as the meat content is only 50%, the other 50% is wheat & pea starch. Toffees are for a road trip at the weekend. All of this came to £42.79 as I had a £15 off voucher, but it did include £10 spent on tissues (a work expense) and £2.60 on sweet & sour sauce that I won't be spending weekly. I'll have to top up with milk, bread and fresh fruit, but I feel it's a good start. Menu planning next ......



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